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Mr. Pickle’s is a unique franchise opportunity in the fast casual restaurant category. An opportunity to provide quality sandwiches people truly enjoy with uncompromising service that is all provided in a comfortable environment, with that friendly neighborhood feeling.

Mr. Pickle’s Franchisees will be driven to not only enjoy, but to be the very best in all aspects of their business.  They will have a strong management background which will allow them to effectively recruit, train and motivate their employees as well as manage all financial aspects.  The ideal Franchisee will strive to keep their customers happy while devoting their time and energy toward running a successful Mr. Pickle’s shop.


  • Unit Franchise Agreements


  • $300,000 minimum liquid assets
  • Restaurant and/or Management experience
  • 680+ credit score
  • No bankruptcies, liens or Judgements
  • Proof of funding for purchase price and 3 months operating capital
  • Applicants must have three years management experience
  • Applicants must have a minimum one-year food industry experience
  • Applicants must be able to clearly communicate and understand the English language
  • Strong understanding of Mr. Pickle’s brand
  • Pronounced self confidence
  • Positive leadership and team orientated attitude
  • Hands on approach and can quickly learn new knowledge
  • Experience with using current technology (smart phones, laptops, Microsoft office)
  • All applicants must attend Pickle U training program in Auburn, CA


Use this checklist to help you determine if you are cut out to buy and operate a franchise:

  • You’re passionate!
  • You can follow a system
  • You are willing to work long hours
  • You’ve done your research on the business.
  • You know the market for your business.
  • Your skills match the franchise need.
  • You can afford to buy and operate the business.
  • You are prepared to manage people, often younger workers.
  • You’re ready to get involved with your community!

The information in this web site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise in any state that requires registration of the franchise opportunity. We will not make any offer of a franchise opportunity in those states until after we have obtained effective registration of our franchise.



  • Founder, Frank Fagundes handles all franchise sales calls.
  • Learn about our concept and review brief questions.
  • Discuss qualifications required to become a Franchisee.

Franchise Application Submittal

  • Submit an online ‘Individual Application’ along with requested attachments:
    • Copy of driver’s license or photo identification of each applicant
    • Proof of funding (bank statements, IRA accounts, etc.). If funding is from a private party, a notarized statement with lending amount is required as well as proof of funds.
    • You will be sent a questionnaire that tells us a little more about you.
    • You will receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) upon Mr. Pickle’s corporate office receiving qualified paperwork.


  • Meet with Mr. Pickle’s sales executives, at this meeting, we will discuss:
    • Pickle’s franchise format
    • Ask background questions and why you are interested in Mr. Pickle’s
    • Build out process and timelines
    • Training requirements
    • Answer question
  • Pickle’s corporate team will determine whether the next step is taken to Operational Prequalifying.

Operational Prequalifying

  • Applicants will attend 5-day operational prescreening where you are able to see the many aspects of our business as well it helps us determine if you are a good fit for our franchise.
  • Within 7-days from your operational prequalifying, you will receive written approval or denial letter from Mr. Pickle’s Inc.


  • Sign Franchise Agreement and pay a franchise fee of $35,000 by cashier’s check.

Finding the location

  • Pickle’s Inc., broker, and/or franchisee assist in finding the location
  • Submit site selection form
  • Negotiate Letter of Intent (LOI) with landlord
  • Execute lease
  • Pay Project Management Fee

Build Out

  • Licensed General Contractor bids job
  • Plans are submitted for approval
  • Construction begins
  • Furniture, Equipment, and Inventory are all installed

Mr. Pickle’s University (MPU)

  • During construction, you will attend Mr. Pickle’s University
  • MPU is 4-weeks of training at our Auburn, CA corporate training shop
  • A final Franchisee Test is given at the end of your MPU training and must be passed with a minimum of 86% accuracy

Preopening Checklist

  • A checklist is provided to guide you through the administrative setup process – utilities, vendor applications, business licenses, etc. This process can be done during construction and while training in MPU.

Hiring and Training New Employees

  • Place hiring ad’s and interview
  • Hiring and pretraining begins at your shop
  • MPI corporate trainer determines the opening date
  • Location opens, the trainer is at your location for another two weeks

The estimated time for this process is approximately 3-6 months, from the time you submit your ‘Request for Info’ until your location is open.  The timeline can vary by each city’s planning department approval process.


CollaborativeDevelopment Package *$227,000 – $519,000
Franchise Fee$35,000
Royalty Fee**5% Weekly Royalty
Marketing Fund Contribution**Up to 2% Monthly
*Sales price varies by Location** Always refer to FDD for full Details

The information in this web site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise in any state that requires registration of the franchise opportunity. We will not make any offer of a franchise opportunity in those states until after we have obtained effective registration of our franchise.


6207 S. Walnut St. Suite 100
Loomis, CA 95650

(855) 677-4255

(855) 677-4255